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What is a Landing Page?

The homepage of a site presents everything the site deals with to the visitor in a generic way and offers links to the other sections.

But often, no matter how hard you try to create the perfect homepage, customers leave the page after a few moments. This is where landing pages come into play!

But what is it about? The landing page is used to capture the visitor’s attention to ensure that they stay on your site as long as possible and perform a certain action. A successful landing will keep your customer glued to the screen until they click on your call to action.

How to develop a successful landing page then?

First of all, let’s see how a landing is made:

It must be captivating, remember that you must capture the user’s attention right from the start. The title is the first thing anyone who arrives on your page will see!

Words are important, indeed, they are fundamental. That’s why you have to choose them carefully and study the content of your landing page to lead the user to perform a specific action.

Make sure you place it at the top of the page, i.e. the portion of the page that is visible before the visitor scrolls down.

Images and videos
Would you watch a boring or low quality video? If you want your visitors to watch your media, make sure they are of the highest quality possible!

Call to action
The call to action is the action you want the visitor to perform on your landing page. So remember that CTA keys need to be extremely visible and eye-catching.

Contact form
The main objective of most effective landing pages is to obtain information and be able to get in touch with potential customers.

They’re always needed! If other people have trusted the same brand, service or product, this reassures the prospect.

Social buttons
Adding social media share buttons will make it extremely easy for your customers to share your landing page with their friends.

No navigation menu
Effective landing pages don’t have navigation menus, but they are pages designed to convert visitors into customers (or contacts). Clearing the menu is a great way to make it harder for people to leave that page!

Here are some examples of how to create effective landing pages:

quizzes and surveys: the question is not important, what matters is to involve people in the process and use the answers to gather further information.

special offers and perks: creating suspense and getting visitors to leave their email to find out a secret or access special perks requires a certain amount of creativity and inventiveness.

free eBook: people love gifts. Then offer your potential customers some of your knowledge in exchange for their email and what better way than with an eBook? It is the perfect product!

surprises or free products: not just eBook, but you could offer your potential customers a physical product in exchange for their leads.

videos: videos are one of the most effective ways to convince people. The video allows you to present the problem to the visitor in a simple and direct way.

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