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The Rise of Influencers 

The shift of marketing from mass media to social media influencers is growing at an alarming rate. Today, major companies are selling billions of dollars of products without spending a dime on mass media marketing.  They’re using influencers to sell all kind of products including luxury products.

Advertising and entertainment business have changed forever. In this kind of modern social marketing, it’s influencers that are influencing sales decisions of their followers. The rise of online TV companies like Roku, Netflix etc. also accelerated cord cutting at an alarming rate, soon cable tv will be a thing of the past since average teenager or millennials spend on average up to 9 hours online daily, which makes it easier to reach them online than T.V.

CEOs and presidents are now turning online influencers. For example, Elon Musk announced the release of his new Tesla online, he spents zero dollars on marketing, he does the marketing of his cars by himself. 

Millennial products needs millennial approach to marketing. It’s a known fact that 70 percent of sales decisions is done by pair recommendations, while 60 percent of in store purchase is influenced by what people seen on social media or blogs.

Moreover, Trump used social media extensively during his presidency. A new business man or woman today must consider social media influencing as a major marketing strategy. A pure play social media influencers marketing strategy is here to stay!!

How To Become An Influencer

Influencers are relatable and possesses good personality. Their focus is to build a community, tribe or family online. They’re also generous and thankful people constantly adding value to their subscribers with their content. Influencers are in-turn viewed as trustworthy by their subscribers because they’ve earned their trust.

On top of it all, the most important part of becoming an influencer is timing. If timing is wrong then the platform will not take off. Blogging or blog about new trends not old ones with a lot of great influencers that people trust already. Be innovative and explore new or other social media networks where your idea is not already proliferated.

Another idea is to reach out to other influencers in your particular niche and ask them to shout you out. On a final note, enjoy and create great products. 

Remember, don’t spread yourself too thin, pick one platform and invest all your time building yourself as the influencer of choice in your niche. Build a moat so high no one is willing to give a go at you in your niche of choice.  The differentiation between you and the next guy is your body of work, so it better be quality!!

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3 Replies to “The Rise of Social Media Influencers”

  1. You’re right, personal branding is necessary to be sucessful in real estate. It’s better to scale at zero cost than to spent top dollar of traditional ads like bench ads that cost from $10 / day for one bench. Imagine if you’re advertising on 50 benches that means it cost $500 daily to market. In a month that will be $15,000 a month. This is the kinda of ridiculous amount of money some top agents are paying monthly to stay in business.

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