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Have you ever been looking for the perfect piece to a particular design and settled on something else that didn’t quite hit the mark, just so you could finish? Sometimes, that’s necessary, especially when you’re working on a specific timeline. But when you have the opportunity to plan ahead, you can get custom made furniture to suit the project’s best result.

Louis Interiors in Toronto crafts custom furniture that is found in a variety of settings, so no matter who your clients are, we can help you give them the ultimate design experience. This article covers various interior design client types, and how you can improve their experience by integrating handcrafted fine furniture into their projects.

Restaurant owners

At first glance, people may think custom furniture is unnecessary for restaurants. They all need fairly standard pieces, right? But as a designer, you understand that what sets any restaurant apart from others with similar menus is the atmosphere. And atmosphere must be shaped.

Restaurant owners should not want their chairs and tables to look like everyone else’s. Sure, you could put in some standard looking furniture and focus on things like artwork and potted plants, but that ignores a whole section of restaurant design that can make a big difference in guest experience. After all, restaurant goers spend the majority of their time sitting on the chairs and utilizing the tabletops. They’re certain to notice the extra effort.

Here’s what we suggest. Look for barstools, restaurant chairs, and banquettes that fit together. They can all match a colour scheme, or you can find ways to use different colours that complement each other. Guests prefer a few different seating options, and coming up with a unified look is easy with custom furniture.

Hotel owners and managers

Interior design

Hotels, obviously, need different types of furniture from restaurants. Again though, the end result is about guest experience. Hotels offer designers several different areas to shine.

The front desk and lobby area is one place that should never be neglected. A hotel lobby is the first thing guests see upon entering the establishment. A lot of the design will depend upon the size of the particular lobby. It’s apparent, though, that creating a unique experience rather than a standard and unimpressionable sight is of benefit to hotel design clients.

Lounge chairs, couches, and loveseats are all excellent choices for the lobby. Sometimes, guests need to wait. Consider, for instance, if multiple people are checking in together. Providing seating allows the additional guests a comfortable place to wait if only one person needs to take care of check-in.

The hotel rooms, of course, are another area that deserves attention to detail. Custom bed frames and headboards are always a great choice because the bed is the first thing most guests check out. But don’t neglect other pieces just because the bed tends to be the focal point of a hotel room. Crafting the whole experience with comfortable seating options in pleasant fabric options shows that a hotel cares about its guest experience. Custom furniture also means custom fabric options for every piece–no need to settle on colours or patterns.

Retail store owners and managers

Retail stores may not be a place typically associated with custom furniture, but all kinds of commercial clients are looking for ways to stand out from others in their niche. If you’ve ever visited an IKEA location, then you know about going above and beyond what is necessary to sell items. They offer a children’s play area and full menu cafeteria in their stores.

Now, you don’t have to suggest to your retail clients that they do all that. But they can certainly stand out as a superior shopping experience by adding a few luxuries and conveniences for their customers. And that starts with the right kinds of furniture.
What retail store owners need to know is that forcing customers to sit on bland, uncomfortable benches outside of dressing rooms, or worse, offering no seating near dressing rooms, discourages groups of shoppers from staying long. But they want shoppers to stay and peruse the items. They want them to try things on–if they sell clothing.

Even if your client doesn’t sell clothing, offering shoppers a comfortable, cushioned bench or ottomans to stop and sit on encourages them to extend their shopping trip and increases the chance that they will make a purchase.

Custom made furniture clearly enhances commercial clients’ interior design objectives and improves their business. Interior Design is part of the process of creating a unique experience for your audience or clients. Customization is the only way to be able to source the right kind of furnitures that will suit a space perfectly. This daunting task is better left to the expert interior designers. After construction of an hotel, mansion or managed apartment is completed, an interior is brought in to take over the project with the hope of transforming the units into a unique piece of art. a space that is inviting, suiting and keep customers coming back and yearning for more.

How Does Customization Work in Interior Designing?

How many times have you wished for the perfect design elements to complete your home decor dream only to settle for something that didn’t quite hit the mark? Yes, agreed that may be a necessity at times to keep to a defined timeline. But when it comes to your personal space, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your desires. Plan ahead in time and opt for custom-made furniture.

Different Kinds of Customization

You can get style defined pieces within your home to reflect the theme you want to showcase.  Whether you want customized wall designs for your child or a walk-in closet for your shoe collection, choose trusted interior designers such as Housejoy who promise to deliver top-notch quality work with a team of qualified interior designers and architects.


interior design 1

Want separate compartments for clothes, jewellery, ties, socks? Not a problem! Wardrobes can be customized to suit all your accessory needs.

TV Units

interior design 2

Television is a synonym to family-time, placed in the living room where guests are seated in most cases. Therefore, having it stand out aesthetically is a must. Some people opt for understated magnificence while others choose stark elegant contrasts.


interior design 3

Adopt from an array of modern designs in kitchens. If you have a cook, you can choose to have two kitchen spaces built – one with durable and the other with delicate utensils. Island kitchen makes it easier to cook and cut, and is a favourite trend.


interior design 4

Bay windows combine architectural flare with the bliss of natural light. Interior designers get creative with sunroofs and ventilation as well.


interior design 5

Parents, grandparents and children can have their respective rooms personalized. Simply discuss the preferred theme with your architect and have them bring it to life just as imagined.


interior design 6

Lights have the power to change your mood, and so, never take it lightly. Use it to your advantage as it can also help strategically highlight important areas of your home.


interior design 7

This is something that everybody needs yet seldom spend enough time thinking about. Smart Storage spaces can be built underneath the staircase, above wardrobes, in separate compartments within the kitchen (for unused utensils) and more.

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